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There are not a great deal of quality resources as it relates to FantaZ. As a result I have had to attend costly MLM conferences and talk to "experts" in the field in order to formulate an opinion on the market and the profitablility of this deal. It could be very good for the first 50,000 ZBO's ... after that unless you are in China, things will drop off. YES a business that deals in online gambling (legally), in America, could be huge, but for who? Who exactly gets wealthy in this deal? If it is about making the average ZBO a couple of hundred dollars a month then yes count me in. I'm not expecting to make any millionaires here, just a few thousand people a couple of hundred dollars a month, that's all. Get real with your expectations and have fun with it - that way you win no matter what happens.








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How can you make an extra $50 to $200 a month from this stuff?

When is the official launch date?

The FantaZ launch date is September 1st, 2010, if you would like to play or become a FantaZ ZBO, click on the preceeding link.

September 1st launch date for FantaZ. This launch will cause a stir in the online gaming platform market ... you can love or hate Multi-Level Marketing, but you'll absolutely love this platform. It is a gem.

It is unusual to see online gaming marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. In the case of FantaZ there are no products just online games to play, and play you will, no doubt about it -- we dare you not to play - go ahead!


The best we can do is to give you the extra tools that will make you a better ZBO than all the others coming on board from other downlines.

Internet Marketing is our specialty so that is what we bring to the table with each and every ZBO that joins our downline - how do we do that? Join our team and find out.

You will learn to use the Internet to promote yourself, and we'll help you every step of the way ... in fact we will have videos for each and every one of you to show you exactly what to do. You follow our advice and you succeed! That is the plan in the simplest form. We will teach you how to promote yourself in this business, and in any online business.

FantaZ Site Map

This website is all about FantaZ and the truth behind Multi Level Marketing.
For more information about the latest deal in FantaZ wait until the official launch.

Who is FantaZ DOT ORG?

FantaZ Our names are Christopher and Harry, and we are the guys behind this website and behind the concept of bringing additional revenue streams to non profit organizations. The FantaZ program will turn the Internet upside down. It is so incredible that you really have to see it to believe it. If you are creative. If you are artistic. If you are a gamer. Then this program is made for you. It is creative, artistic, and made for the gamer in all of us. It is slick beyond description. It is ultra efficient. It will help you get the best out of every game you play and you will have more fun than you thought possible both online and offline too. OK we're biased. We love games, especially pool. We love technology. We love this interface. It is fantastic. And most of all, we love helping other people get what they want.

We are all about fundamental Christian values that will be used in this busines opportunity, at least that is what we have been led to believe. We joyfully great each new day with a song in our hearts that offers praise to God, and end each day thinking about His wonderful love and faithfulness. There is nothing our Lord cannot do, yes, even as it relates to some great Internet program and your pocketbook.

At FantaZ DOT ORG, we take your business seriously. Our goal is that everyone of our ZBO's are successful. Whatever your situation we can help you do better, we can help you make something where there was little. And we will follow up with you to make sure all is good. Yes we care about you, we care about your faith, and we certainly care about your pocketbook.

Please compare our website with any of our competitors and find out what they are doing for you and for your business. How do they support you. YES go ahead and make an informed decision regarding which team you want to join. It's up to you. If you have any questions about us, about our crazy policies, about our loyal ZBO's email us at We will respond to all questions in a timely and professional manner. No hype. No misrepresentations. You get the bottom line from a bunch of bottom line guys. Yes it is that simple.